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Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors

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Author: Gareth, LockBrand: Human in the System ConsultingEdition: IllustratedBinding: PaperbackFormat: IllustratedNumber Of Pages: 342Release Date: 12-03-2019Details: Product Description Most incidents and accidents are down to 'human error'. Unfortunately, 'human error' is normal and we can't get rid of it. However, we can reduce the likelihood of one of those, 'Oh...

Author: Gareth, Lock

Brand: Human in the System Consulting

Edition: Illustrated

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 342

Release Date: 12-03-2019

Details: Product Description Most incidents and accidents are down to 'human error'. Unfortunately, 'human error' is normal and we can't get rid of it. However, we can reduce the likelihood of one of those, 'Oh s***t moments' if we have an understanding of human factors and develop our non-technical skills. This is a globally-unique book containing decades of research and practice from high-risk domains translated into the world of recreational and technical diving. This is done through the use of numerous detailed case studies to highlight the value and applicability of these skills. This book is a must for all divers who want to manage their risks more effectively and have fun in the process.  Review 'This is currently the most important topic for modern sport diving'. Professor Simon Mitchell 'As we explorers descend deeper, farther and longer, the more the subject contained in this excellent book becomes relevant' Richard Lundgren, Explorer, Co-Founder of GUE, Fellow of the Explorers Club 'This essential volume has condensed the decades plus of hard work, dedication and commitment shown by Gareth. I have and will continue to apply what I learned from my training with Gareth in Human Factors to all my instructor and student level classes' Phil Short, Explore FRGS 'I think this is a missing link in our diver education systems and hope one day it will be taught in mainstream diving courses from entry level all the way to the extreme cutting edge end of our sports.' Steve Millard Utilizing case studies of actual diving incidents, alongside examinations compiled by other high-risk industries, "Under Pressure" seeks to remove the stigma surrounding the mistakes divers make, illuminate that errors are a critical part of our collective learning process, and that despite the level of one's experience, not a single one of us is infallible. Regardless of your current experience as a diver, the use of non-technical skills and understanding of the Human Factors affecting both your choices and those made by others around you will positively impact your own underwater performance, and hopefully make your own diving safer. Richie Kohler, Shipwreck Explorer, Author and Filmmaker. In my opinion, Gareth Lock's "Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors" is a book that should be read by all divers, especially those taking or teaching technical diving. "Non-technical skills" or "human factors" are equally, if not more important, to diving safety. As long as we only look at the diver and not the system as a whole, we are unlikely to make diving safer. Lock presents this systematic approach to diving safety with chapters on a variety of subjects including such important topics as mindset, "human error", risk management, "just culture", situational awareness, and communication in a very concise, yet thorough approach with anecdotes by leading members of the diving community. I look forward to using all of these concepts as I teach future courses. Doug Ebersole, Cardiologist, rebreather instructor After more than thirty years of diving I have found very few books that will impact one's diving enjoyment and safety as this book. "Under Pressure" is a handbook for increasing diver safety through management of risk and uncertainty. It will give you a new way to examine and understand diving incidents so that we may actually learn from them instead of placing blame. This is a must have for every serious diver's library. Brando Schwartz Under Pressure is not a light read. Given the subject, it should not be. It's a work that requires the reader to change what may be their mindset about the risks and mitigation of such hazards as are encountered under water. As a recreational and technical instructor who has made diver safety and training a personal mission, Gareth's work is a breath of fresh air in an industry that seems hell-bent on taking the fast lane to mediocrity. Jim Lapenta Author of SCUBA: A Practical Guide for the New Diver, SCUBA: A Pract

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.0 x 0.7 inches

Languages: English

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