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Keith Jarrett: A Biography (Popular Music History)


Author: Wolfgang SandnerBrand: Equinox Publishing LtdBinding: HardcoverFormat: IllustratedNumber Of Pages: 230Release Date: 02-11-2020Details: Product Description Keith Jarrett is one of the great pianists of our times. Before achieving worldwide fame for his solo improvisations, he had already collaborated with Art Blakey, Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. His Köln Concert album...

Author: Wolfgang Sandner

Brand: Equinox Publishing Ltd

Binding: Hardcover

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 230

Release Date: 02-11-2020

Details: Product Description Keith Jarrett is one of the great pianists of our times. Before achieving worldwide fame for his solo improvisations, he had already collaborated with Art Blakey, Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. His Köln Concert album (1975) has now sold around four million copies and become the most successful solo recording in jazz history. His interpretations of the music of Bach, Händel, Bartók or Shostakovich, have also received much attention in later years. Jarrett is considered difficult and inaccessible, and has often abandoned the stage during his concerts due to restless audiences or disturbing photographers. Few writers have come as close to Keith Jarrett as Wolfgang Sandner, who has not only closely followed Jarrett s remarkable career from the 1960s, but has also had the opportunity to visit him in his home in the United States. For this biography, which is full of detailed musical analysis and cross-references to other artistic genres, Sandner has collected new information about Jarrett s family background, much of which is thanks to the translator, Keith Jarrett s youngest brother Chris. The book explores Jarrett s work with other musicians, in particular the members of his American and European Quartets and his Standards Trio, it charts the development of his solo concerts, and it also investigates his work in the classical sphere, as well as the highly original music he has created in his own home studio. It also covers his associations with his various record labels and producers, notably his unparalleled relationship with ECM and its founder Manfred Eicher. This English edition is a significantly extended and updated version of the German original. Review This is a musical biography to enjoy and think about, to read and then be returned to the records informed with new insight. As befits its reticent subject, it is not a personal biography of the pianist, although the necessary details are here, but what it does so well is to explain why Keith Jarrett is so important, and why his two strokes the news of which came just after this book went to the press, although the post-2018 silence is noted with concern have probably ended the career of a musical genius. If that proves to be the case, this is the biography that will help us make sense of his remarkable legacy. --Jazz Journal This new biography of one of the world s great musicians turns out to be sadly timely. Jarrett announced in October that damage from two strokes has almost certainly ended his performing career. Ian Carr s Keith Jarrett: The Man and His Music came out as long ago as 1992. Wolfgang Sandner came to know Jarrett through Manfred Eicher, the founder of ECM, and has visited Jarrett s home in New Jersey. Sandner is an erudite music critic and a long-time fan of a musician who, for all his talent, divides opinion. The enforced distance from his subject has probably made this a better book (Carr slipped into special pleading). A good deal of family information is supplied by the pianist s youngest brother, Chris Jarrett, who also translated it from the original German (Rowohlt, 2015). Sandner is a trustworthy guide who takes the story right up to this year s belated release of The Budapest Concert from 2016 and the rumours of ill health. He is in no doubt that Jarrett is a genius and even if you think ECM has released too many albums and detect bouts of hubris and note-spinning he makes a strong case. --London Jazz News Given his impact on jazz and solo improvisation this past half century, relatively few are the books on Keith Jarrett. This is surprising, considering all the critical acclaim, the phenomenal influence he has had on countless musicians, his colossal commercial success and the headline-grabbing outbursts. Perhaps so few biographers have attempted to tackle Jarrett out of fear of failure to do his artistry justice. Wolfgang Sandner, whose Jarrett biography was first published in German in 2015, shows no such timidity in

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches

Languages: English

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